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7-Day Programmable Thermostat

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    • EASY INSTALLATION, QUICK SETTING, EASY OPERATION. Most customers can finish the installation within 30 minutes and be familiar with the operation within 20 minutes, and it's easy to maintain cause there is no battery required, so no need to change the battery every month. We also provide instructional videos and a professional tech team to guide users to set up.
    • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST HVAC AND C WIRED REQUIRED. Works with 90% HVAC in the market, but requires C wires for a power source. For 2 wire system, the user shall add an AC adapter, VINE thermostat can not work with 2 wire HVAC directly.
    • CONSISTENT MONEY-SAVING FOR YOUR FAMILY. The Vine thermostat helps you save over 20% cost on HVAC expense(Data get from the Xing laboratory)through energy-saving mode,7-day rational programming, remote access, and so on.

    Customer Reviews

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    best value for smart thermostat

    I loved how this product was priced, it was not over priced like some other competitors. It was easy to install and connect to my wifi, we also REALLY like how you can control the device from your smart phone, the app is a easy install and account create process. Dont be fooled by all the name brand smart thermostats until you atleast check this one out first, you wont be upset with the value or quality it has.

    Jim D.
    Working so far

    Howdy, I have two of these TJ-225's installed already and may install as many as 9 more (my house has a 10-zone hydronic floor heating system and a lone air conditioner). For me, spending 10x$60 = $600 instead of 10x$120 = $1200 is meaningful.Anyway, like many others installing smart thermostats, I had to deal with the "c-wire" issue. In the end, for me it was a simple operation of attaching an existing unused wire to the C terminals in my "Taco ZVC406-EXP-4" controllers (if you happen to have those things). Aside from that, connecting to Wifi was a bit clunky but eventually worked. The approach is not different than many other IoT type things (e.g., early Alexa Echos): Make a temporary connection to Wifi network broadcast during setup by the thermostat so the app can send down your actual wifi info. I think the problem is new security features of recent iOS that block "discovery" until you're prompted and accept "Allow Vine app to search for devices" (or something like that). Otherwise, after a bit of time (have patience), the app will connect and that allows you to snap a pic of the QR code which registers the device with your Vine web/app account.Programming a schedule is simple with the ability to copy between multiple days. And, most fun, the Alexa "skill" stuff works quite well, e.g., "Alexa, what's the temperature in the Kitchen".One tip: As others mentioned, you can actually connect the device to wifi and your Vine account BEFORE installing on the wall. Just plug in a micro-usb for power and walk through the install as if it's connected. Once it's all good, go ahead and get your screwdrivers, level, wire strippers, etc. out and wire up and bolt the thing on the wall. It should work right after you restore power to your heating system. If you truly can't get the wifi working, at least you haven't spent time with the install and all the parts are nice and clean for return.Cheers.

    Great product

    Amazing product, took some fenagling but works better than 100+ thermostats.

    Ashley Perez
    Great product with easy set up

    Product is great. Fairly easy to assemble. I did blow a fuse in the ac unit and have to replace it but that’s because I hooked up a wire to the wrong spot. The directions clearly said where to put the wire but I had overlooked it. Hooking up to phone and Alexa was very easy. Would definitely recommend this product.

    Easy installation, excellent app control, and smooth Alexa integration!

    I am blown away by this awesome thermostat! I have a heat pump and had been using one of those old school thermostats like most people. Then I saw this and had to give it a try. For starters, it is an AMAZING price for such an outstanding thermostat. There are so many features that I cannot believe it is so affordable!I was able to install it in about 10 minutes. The hardest thing for the average person is going to be connecting the wires. (Always make sure the power is off just to be on the safe side. Even though most of them are low voltage, why take any chances?) Make sure you take a picture of your old setup before you disconnect the little wires. In my case, the wires connected to my old one did not perfectly correspond to this one so I had to look up what they meant and how they should go. Once you get that done, everything is a snap. To make things really easy, use the wonderful stickers that they include to label the wires! It's a serious time saver there, especially if you are color blind like me.The only hurdle once you get the plate mounted and thermostat on the wall is getting it set up. All you have to do is pick your particular setup and then connect the wifi.BIG TIP:I almost gave up and just threw in the towel when I couldn't get the wifi set up. It wanted a verification code that I couldn't find and I just couldn't make it work. I was so frustrated. Then my wife, being the amazing beautiful genius that she is, reminded me that we hide our SSID and have had problems in the past with setting up devices for that reason! BOOM! I un-hid my SSID and it connected instantly! All I had to do was scan the QR code (found in the on-screen menu of the thermostat itself) and everything was done. You can re-hide the SSID afterward.The features on the app are amazing, especially the programmable nightlight! The ability to adjust your air conditioning from anywhere in (or OUT!) of the house is not only convenient but an amazing money saver! Also, if you are installing it for someone with limited mobility, this can be a life-changer. Cold? No problem! Hot? They don't even have to get up!If you add the Alexa skill, all you have to do is tell her what temperature you would like it to be and she makes it so!Amazing price, amazing features, looks beautiful on the wall. We could not be happier. I highly recommend this!!!!5 stars!!!P.S.I had to calibrate it and change it by about 4 degrees. This is easily accomplished in the settings. (Be sure to calibrate the temperature with an indoor thermometer!)