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3rd Gen Echo - Plum

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  • Meet Echo Dot - Our most popular smart speaker with a fabric design. It is our most compact smart speaker that fits perfectly into small spaces.
  • Improved speaker quality - Better speaker quality than Echo Dot Gen 2 for richer and louder sound. Pair with a second Echo Dot for stereo sound.
  • Ready to help - Ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more.
  • Voice control your smart home - Turn on lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors, and more with compatible connected devices. Create routines to start and end your day.
  • Connect with others - Call almost anyone hands-free. Instantly drop in on other rooms in your home or make an announcement to every room with a compatible Echo device.
  • Alexa has skills - With tens of thousands of skills and counting, Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new skills like tracking fitness, playing games, and more.



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Yvonne Ling
Great for lovers!

I will first start by saying I am a big google interface fan. But, at the same time, I am a huge fan, so I decided to give the echo dot a chance. I am so glad that I did.Setup was insanely easy, it is for the most part done thru the app.One of the things I like about the echo is that you can use it as a home intercom system. So for example, I can log into my Alexa app and I can speak to the echo in my sons room. For for this reason, I plan on switching my google home minis to the echo dot. As far as sound quality and voice recognition, so far it seems on par to google.Also, I absolutely love that there are so many accessories for the echo. So far I’ve gotten the echo glow (smart light for kids room), echo wall clock Mickey Mouse edition (sets timer with fun!). Again, everything has been so easy to setup, which with google devices hasn’t been the same experience. I’ve also gotten a third party accessory (GGMM D3 battery base) as a gift from a friend and it is super cool because now I can take the echo dot around from room to room, I don’t have to keep the echo dot plugged in all the time! This is convenient, especially with my son cause now I can take it into the bathroom to play music during bath time or set a timer for teeth brushing time!!All in all, this was a great purchase for me, I’m really glad I decided to give it a try!!

Impressive sound quality and voice recognition.

So, this is my first Alexa device. I'd been holding out because I'd witnessed my friends struggle with earlier versions of Alexa, yelling at it when it didn't obey a voice command and I wasn't impressed by the sound.But, had a great sale on the Dot so I figured I'd try it out. The sound quality is amazing. I can't believe this little thing has such a big sound.The voice recognition is really good too. I rarely have to repeat a command and it recognizes even the most brief command from me. For instance, first thing in the morning I'm groggy and mumble "Computer, Lana DelRay" and it plays Lana DelRay easily.I call it "Computer" because you can change the wake word options on this model. Your choices are Alexa, , Echo or Computer. I chose Computer because I'm a Trekkie and addressing the device like Jean-Luc Picard makes my inner nerd happy. I assume that's why they made that option available in the first place.I like the Skills. Particularly the morning skill. I can say Good Morning and it gives me the weather, calendar and news.I don't use the "Tell Me Joke" skill or anything like that, but there are a couple of fun Star Trek skills you can add that are fun.All in all I'm very happy with this device. I may have to buy a smart plug for my lamp and expand Alexa's responsibilities.

A true Life Saver!!!

This thing is a true life saver. We got one from my wife’s parents just before Thanksgiving of ‘19. For the most part at first it was just a nuisance. We weren’t sure how to incorporate it into our lives. We then got some Gosund plugs and really liked the ease with which we could turn on and off our lights, Christmas tree and other appliances. While exploring the app I found a “Guard” function. Basically when set it listens for smoke alarms, Co2 alarms and the sound of breaking glass. So we started using it. On Dec. 30 I was away from home with our dog when I got an alert that alarms were going off in our home. Alexa also sent an audio file. I listened to it and I heard the smoke alarms, what sounded like flames crackling and the obvious sound of water spraying. I ran home as fast as I could. It wasn’t a fire but my upstairs neighbor’s hot water heater had exploded and had been flooding our apartment for hours. This may seem bad but if I had come home when I had planned we have had a total loss. As it is we were able to save at least half of our belongings; many of which are irreplaceable. We owe , and the programmers, quite a lot. I wish I knew how to thank them. It’ll still be a few weeks before we can go home but as it is, at least we still have something to salvage. I can’t express the depth of emotion and deep thanks I feel for this device. It saved most of our home and our stuff. I could go on but I’m sure you get the point. This is an amazing device.

Love !

This is my 3rd or 4th Alexa. My first one was your very first attempt. It was not even on sale yet, but a really low price to test it.After I had used it for awhile one of your people called and he discussed with me was there was anything. I thought would probably r it.I told him I though they should add read books aloud. He thought that was a really good idea.I love to fall asleep with audible books.It wasn’t very long until Alexa began reading my library of books I purchased from .This was years ago. But she still reads me to sleep every night. I am now 81 years oldI also have Alexa in the case so you can take in out while riding your bike,Or outside, and it would continue to play music from my collection of music. It held an 8 hour charge and did not need to be plugged up until it could no longer play or y’all and then you plugged it up when you returned home and you would get your 8 hours of operation without being home. It had a microphone which you engaged by holding its button in you could tell it what to do.I think I was the first to purchase the HDX10. It was long ago. And it was a new one I got it at a new item price. Very low. This was long ago. I always tried to order your brandNew items that you would sell very low price and then it would be a few months or years before you offered them to the “masses”I am an woman for life it appears. At 81 that may end sooner than I would like.Joyce O’KELLEY

I love my Alexa

I had this product before and had to rebuy it. My wife and I were staying with some people and we used our Alexa everyday we were there. We use it to play music while we are getting ready, rain sounds while we are sleeping, or classical music for our dog Olivia when we are away. Anyway, this family we were staying with never used Alexa before. My wife decided to show them the device and their son really fell in love with it, he's one years old, and he is the reason I need another one. These people were so happy to see their son trying to say Alexa and watching him dance to different songs. My wife offered MY ALEXA to those people, and they accepted! I was so sad to leave her behind. Once we left, I would shout Alexa randomly in my own home and no one answered! I finally demanded that we get another one, so here we are. I will miss Alexa 1 dearly, moral of the story don't let babies near your prized possessions.