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Vegan Protein Powder - Peanut Butter

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  • Includes 1 (2.03 pound) organic plant-based peanut butter protein powder
  • 21 grams of organic plant-based protein (pea, brown rice, chia seeds), 6 grams of organic dietary fiber, 5 grams of net carbs, 1 gram of sugar, 160 calories per serving
  • USDA organic, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, low net carbs, no added sugar, soy-free, kosher, non-GMO, carrageenan-free, and no artificial ingredients
  • Mix with water, milk, or your favorite protein shake recipe for a quick breakfast or snack drink. Use when baking grams to give your cakes, muffins, brownies, or cookies a protein and energy boost
  • Ideal for healthy, on-the-go nutrition for men, women, and kids. These are great for meal replacement, smoothie boosters, building grams lean muscle, muscle recovery, and pre or post workouts


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good plant based protein


Yum! PB reminds me of Korean misugaru/multigrain powder

I’m inexperienced with protein powders, somewhat new to plant-based ones, and this (peanut butter) was absolutely delicious! I wandered into Reddit’s bwf (bodyweight fitness) one weekend morning while lazily sipping coffee... and after hours of reading/watching YouTube clips, I was amped and READY TO CHANGE MY LIFE. It’s been a week and sadly, I’ve given up on the bwf portion and have gone back to just my daily run, but I’ve at least increased my daily protein intake with the help of Orgain! Even though it’s a supplement and whole foods are better and yadda yadda, for me at least, it’s truly helping since I definitely was not eating enough protein in my diet (maybe serving of fish every other day or nuke up a single veggie burger patty for this carb queen).Back to the bit about the actual product...It ALMOST reminds me of those Korean powdered “misugaru” drink mix with the nuttiness and sweetness upon mixing with some unsweetened almond milk in my blenderbottle shaker thingy. The second time, I added some pb fit (I think it’s called, or powdered peanut butter that had been sitting in the corner, gathering dust), a dash of cinnamon, a few extra drops of liquid stevia to assuage my horrible sweet tooth, and 4 more oz of water to the 12 oz of almond milk to thin it out and make my satisfying drink last even longer. And don’t judge me, but I drank this brew as a treat/dessert after dinner because it was just that good. I have added a scoop to a packet of screaming hot oatmeal before, for extra protein, and it stirred in fine, no clumps.Rando list of comparisons to other protein supplements: Also, this tastes better (IMO) than the choco fudge flavor of Orgain that I got at CVS before realizing the error of my ways and ordering PB from . But fudge was still pretty good. I was scarred for life by the taste of Garden of Life (I think it’s called?) plant powders that tasted like PLAY-DOH :( that I bought two years ago and are currently sitting under my desk at the office, gathering cobwebs since I’ve been WFH. I did try Optimum Whey milk chocolate and it tastes reaaaally good, BUT that sucker’s got cholesterol and I wanted to switch to something plant-based and “healthier.” Oh, and I also tried a pack of Ensure plant-based protein and it was surprisingly good! Way better than Garden of Life. Not as thicc/creamy like my almond milk Orgain concoction and thinner than their other shakes (which I’ve bought before to drank as meals while recovering from a surgery). But I already pop a multivitamin already, anyway, and the Orgain is cheaper than a 12-pk of the plant-based.I haven’t tried mixing Orgain with just water yet... I’ll have to try that next.


I bought this because I cannot have milk or soy. The chocolate peanut butter flavor is delicious and it blends with oat milk or almond milk well.

Orgain chocolate peanut butter protein powder. Satisfying and yummy!

I made my first shake and hour ago and let me tell you it was absolutely fantastic! The Orgain chocolate peanut butter they sound overwhelming and gross but it’s actually very good and light flavor. I added a banana and a handful of ice and 10 ounces of Vanilla almond milk. I am very pleased with how it taste and the texture was smooth excellent but I use the blender so maybe that made it more smooth. Will definitely be buying it again and I look forward to trying the vanilla tomorrow with some strawberries! Thank you so much!

Isabel Vega
finally a great tasting vegan protein

I was looking for a plant based soy free protein that didnt taste like crap, and bought this one because it had so many great reviews. I got the peanut butter flavor and it tastes amazing. I havent tried it on its own, i have blended it with banana, spinach and almonf milk and its sooo good. I also made nice cream with one scoop of the protein, a tablespoon of cacao powder and frozen bananas. amazing! then i top it off with nuts or granola. Finally a vegan protein that i actually look foward to drinking and that is so versatile. i wonder what the other flavors taste like.