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Natural Lash/Brow Growth Serum

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  • GET LONGER & THICKER EYELASHES - grow eyelashes faster, regain that gorgeous look with this natural lash growth serum. It gives extra volume even to thick hair.
  • BROW GROWTH STIMULATOR - this lash serum doubles as an eyebrow growth booster and stimulate brow growth. Use it on your eyebrow to get the thicker Fuller brows you have always dreamed of.
  • LASH GROWTH IN 60 DAYS OR LESS - grow longer, thicker, and beautifully defined eyelashes and eyebrows. The first visible effects will be seen after 2-3 weeks, with a full lash boost effect after the course of 60 days.
  • SAFE AND NATURAL - natural enhancing formula, made with sustainably sourced ingredients, this eyelash serum is totally hypoallergenic and doesn't cause eye or skin irritations and burns.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
It works!

I’ve been using for three weeks. I’m starting to notice a real difference in my lash length and fullness! I can now avoid curling my lashes to help growth and lash health. except on special occasions. I apply this at the roots of lashes, but have also been applying a thin layer of Vaseline to lashes themselves to condition them. It’s really working! Lash loss has decreased significantly.I’ve been using on brows as well, I’m not seeing noticeable results there yet, but they may come along.

It works

I have been using this primarily for my brows, for a couple of weeks now. I am noticing growth already!

Jo Manfredi
REALLY works!

I have super thin, sparse brows. I never pluck, but look like a 90s chick that overdid it. During my first pregnancy, my brows and lashes fell out one night. I seriously went to sleep and woke up with it all on my pillow. I looked like Powder! They did grow back, but even less than before. I've tried Rodan and Fields and multiple high rated ones off . I saw no difference. I thought I'd try one more when I read another reviewers comments about trying so many and this is the only to work.I used it for 2 weeks, just once a day, and I have little hairs growing under my thin brow line...like a lot!! I ran out after a couple weeks and went to reorder, but it wasn't available! I searched the interwebs to no avail! How, why?! What cruel world would give me a taste of wonderful, then rip it away? I drop to my knees and shout go the sky, "WHY, why?" Five seconds later. I got over my dramatic theatrics and read some more reviews. I ordered another, but it fell short of my expectations and just left me feeling hopeless. :( In my last moment of hope, I checked again, and it is available again!! I'm picking up a couple! My only complaint is that it needs to come in a bigger tube! I'm small, but I bet I could handle a tube the size of a shampoo bottle. Just a suggestion.I forgot to mention that my lashes are to the top of my eyebrows! I don't wear makeup (2 young sons that I homeschool and a legally blind hubby who can't see me that well anyway), but I did put on mascara last week. It totally looked like I had false lashes, they were crazy long and full.Buy this stuff...like right now! You won't regret it, well you probably won't. I don't know you.


First photo is middle of October. I’m happy with results so far. I have many blonde eyebrows growing in, some brown too that you can see. I have hair growth in spots I haven’t had in 25 years. I use a eye brow mascara brush now ....no pencil. It just makes them darker. In Pictures Im not wearing make-up. Im hoping in another month they will be even better. I just bought my second tube. I use it on my lashes too. They are a little longer as well! I use it twice a day. Take 30 seconds to apply

Grad Student
Great Hair Growth Product

I have been using the Growth Serum product for 1 month now and have noticed baby hairs growing on my eyebrows. I do not need to fill in as many areas on my eyebrows anymore. I will continue to buy more of this product once it runs out.