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Kids Echo Dot - Panda

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  • Meet Echo Dot Kids - Our most popular smart speaker with Alexa, made for kids (not a toy). The super-fun design delivers crisp vocals and balanced bass for a full sound.
  • Help kids learn and grow - Kids can ask Alexa questions, set alarms, and get help with their homework.
  • Made for wild imaginations - Kids can ask Alexa to play music, read stories, and call approved friends and family.
  • Comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee - If it breaks, return it and well replace it for free.



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lisa Shea
Perfect for an Adult Desk - Can Remove Kid Restrictions Easily

I'm an adult, and I bought this Tiger Echo Dot (sphere) for my own use. I think it is just SO cute. My primary need was to have an easy to use speakerphone on my desk so that when people called, or I had to call someone, I could keep working and typing while maintaining the phone conversation. Sure, I could have bought an actual speakerphone unit. But this is so so much better.I've loaded in an unboxing video to show how it comes packaged, and how it starts up. It was incredibly easy to install and also quite easy to set up for 'adult use' without the children restrictions. I have it set to turn on the office lights, the living room lights, and so on. I can easily check the weather or add items to a to-do list. It plays music and I even enjoy the daily Jeopardy trivia game.For me, the most important use is the speakerphone. I can call any phone out there and have long, crystal-clear conversations while I do my work. For someone to call me, they need to use the Alexa app to call in to my tiger. I'm fine with that. If someone really wants to chat for a while, they can message me so that I initiate the call to them.I'll note that some people complain about the 'not perfect' audio quality. I'm not sure what someone expects from a tiny plastic sphere. I have Harman Kardon speakers on my desk. If I really want stellar classical music, I'll play through those. But if I just want something poppy in the background while I work? The tiger is absolutely perfect for that.Ask with any questions - I'm quite pleased!

Cute and Practical🐯

This product was easy to set up, it is not super light and not easy to fall over. The sound quality is good and it is super kid friendly.

April B
Great for kids & anyone!!

Love this Panda Echo Dot for Kids. Super easy to use. The kids version is nice because if they tell it to play a song that is really not appropriate for them..then Alexa will tell them "Sorry, I can't play you this song because it contains explicit material." This also is educational. They can ask any math problems, solar system questions, history, literally anything you would Google. It will read bedtime stories, tell jokes, can be used as an alarm clock to wake them before school and be used as an intetcom!! So, if you have a main Echo/Alexa type system within the home, you could use it to talk to your child in the other room, upstairs/downstairs, tell them to get out of bed and come to breakfast for school or whatever works for you..I thought that was a really cool feature. We love keeping music going in the home all the time, so it's been a mood lifter here.

My boyfriend boughtit for me

To be honest I'm a grown women and I know this is a kids echo dot 4GEN but I love pandas 🤍🖤🤍🖤 I still have my inner child and my favorite colors are black and white and I love pandas for there color and how fluffy they are and i find them to be harmony to me. so my boyfriend got me this deal the echo glow and echo dot 4GEN panda on prime day he got it on sale and had a coupon so it came out so cheap. Either way it arrived well it was a really easy set up on the Alexa app in the app it gave me a option to sign up for freeTime unlimited and it walks you through step by step but I exit on X on top and disabled freeTime on Alexa app so it works like a regular echo dot 4Gen, I have my panda echo dot 4Gen in my desk in my room looks so cute sounds is nice and Alex is clearer when she replies. I use music on it or pandora music and I use different skills works well .So far I love my echo dot 4Gen i haven't had any problems right now im listen to music as I write this review also using the Bluetooth on it to play YouTube music and when I tell Alexa to skip it works so far I'm happy. Any dislikes not yet. I put a video up and my voices sounds awkward not good making videos hope this helps you all out.

Mary C. Merritt
Cute and fun

It’s fun to see how much it can tell what you ask.