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Fitness Tracker - Dark

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    • Heart Rate & Sleep Monitor: This fitness tracker monitors your heart rate all day. It tracks your sleep (awake sleep, deep sleep, awake time)at night.
    • All-day Activity Tracker: The fitness tracker can track your daily steps, calorie consumed, workout distance, and time. You can see detailed data on Veryfitpro APP.
    • 14 Sports Modes: It has 14 sports modes to track the corresponding exercise. It will record your workout time, heart rate, and distance. With connected GPS, it can record your workout route.
    • Call and Message Notification: You can get a call, SMS messages, and SNS notifications directly on your wrist(including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram).
    • USB Charge: Remove the band then plug on the USB port to charge the fitness tracker. This fitness watch can be used for up to 7 days after being fully charged.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    A quarter of the price of a Fitbit, and holds it own.

    I really wanted to try out a Fitbit after seeing my partner get one for themself, but when I looked at the price it really made me doublt think if I could afford one at this time. I was browsing for alternatives and was pleasently surprised to find this lil fitness tracker for a quarter of the price. I was a little bit skeptical with most items with rave reviews, but I decided that if it was not a good buy, at least it might be something I could use for it's most basic use as just a watch. HOWEVER, I'm really glad I did make the purchase because it was definitely worth it's price and more. It's been pretty accurately giving me my heart rate and steps since I got it, and has been able to monitor my sleep schedule and seems to be quite accurate with that as well. I have a lot of trouble sleeping and it shows me accurate times when I woke up at night, or even when I was jostled by things like sound. It's mobile app is also really simple, and easy to understand. While it may not be a Fitbit, it definitely compares for the features and even has a lil alarm that you can program to remind yourself to move around if you've been idle for a defined period if time. Plus the added bonus of being able to get notifications from incoming calls, text messages and tweets if paired with your phone makes it a nifty little thing to have on at all times as well (especially when I'm at work and can't be fiddling with my phone in front of my employer). Def worth the purchase!

    Pony Tail Girl
    Very happy

    This is my first fitness tracking/watch device, so I have nothing to compare it to. However, after doing some shopping and maybe getting a little lucky, I found this one. It works pretty well. This has all the same tracking modes, as some of the more expensive Fit Bit devices. The only thing I've had trouble with so far is the song advancing feature. I can't get to it. Otherwise I love this fitness tracker and app that you get to go with it. The app is free.

    Works great

    I used to have a fitbit flex that I loved. When it died I was in the market for a new one, but the prices were significantly higher than I was hoping for. I found this little gem for a fraction of the cost and figured "why not?". The reviews were pretty mixed. Some customers loved it, some hated it. I am a member of team love-it. The step count is pretty accurate (I have counted my steps as I'm taking them and compared it to the counter and they were in agreement) unless you're holding something that doesn't allow your arm to move naturally, like say a box or a shopping cart. I don't think the sleep tracking is very accurate though. I've had a lot of days where it says I woke up at 6 am, when in fact I was already up, dressed, and had been driving for 15 minutes by then. Overall, it's a great little tracker. I will say that I have not tried out some of the other features like the bike/run, so I can't attest to those aspects, but what I have tried seems to get the job done. I also love that it has interchangeable bands, and it's easy to charge.

    Very useful with my android and it was a great value

    I am very satisfied with this product. I was previously using the Samsung watch that attached to my Samsung phone. I now have an LG so I thought I would try this watch. It is a great valuse for the money. I prefer the size of this watch, as mynprevioua one was a bit bulky. This one is a perfect size. It was easy to download the app. It has a vibrate alarm, which I love! It keeps track of my steps and I can get a chart of my previously recorded activity on the app. I have it set up to alert me for texts. I allows for Facebook notifications. I love all of the options that it has ans find it to be perfect for the low price

    Its more than just a fitness tracker

    Initially I bought Lintelek fitness tracker for my self. I installed VeryFirPro App on my android device and started using this device then I realized that it is more than just a tracker. It has many features like steps calculation, measure heart rate, measures walking distance, running, bike riding. Not that just these you can set alarm, you can even set Call alerts, when someone calls you and your phone is not with you, then you get alert on your fitness device. And amazingly, you can even take picture from your Fitness device :). Wow na. You don't need a selfie stick :). After looking at all these feature I then bought this device for my spouse and son too. I am going to buy this for my dad and mom too. Instead of paying 100's of dollars on Fitbit, I would recommend this for your family. It is very economical, just $30 with additional strap. Go for it. Thank you.