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Eyelash Growth Enhancer with Biotin

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  • Our revolutionary botanical serum boosts the length and thickness of eyelashes and eyebrows. The result is longer, fuller, and thicker eyelashes and brows! Imparts sheen and luster to lashes and brows making them appear lush and beautiful. No more false lashes are needed!
  • Lavish Lash is proven by science. Experience drastic increases in length and thickness of your eyelashes and eyebrows in as little as 60 days for the perfect lash boost! Contains proprietary botanically-derived compounds that penetrate hair follicles to stimulate lash and brow growth which in turn fortifies the eyelashes and brows to noticeably lengthen and thicken them.
  • Lavish Lash is made with only the highest quality ingredients. Everything in our serum is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, clinically tested, allergy tested & dermatologist tested. Never tested on animals and cruelty-free.
  • Easy to apply. Simply place a thin line along the base of your upper and lower lash line once a day at nighttime. Apply only at the root area of eyelashes and as though applying eyeliner and onto clean eyebrows. Combine with our Lavish Liner eyeliner with eyelash growth serum and castor oil for even better results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good product for the money

I have been using this product for two weeks now. My lashes are definitely more full. I had a place where somebody lashes fell off and was almost bold and now this spot is full of lashes. Definitely recommend. Hope they grow longer as well

Sharon S.
Working so far!

I purchased this product to try to regrow an area of lashes that had fallen out. Seems to be doing the trick so far!

Wow! It really does work!!

I have been using this on my skimpy eyebrows for almost a month now and I do see improvement!! They are getting fuller and appear to be less grey which is a bonus!! I will deffinety continue using it because it works!!

To all the skeptics!

I was skeptical at first, but in love now. I used to have long eyelashes, but I started losing them slowly & some were breaking, so I ended up with short eyelashes. this product gave me my eyelashes back! I think what it did is strengthen them first, coz they are not falling as they used to!, they are getting darker & have a natural curve.I have to say though that at first, some of my eyelashes were falling, but i stuck with it 'coz i know that most hair treatments get rid of the weak ones before the new ones start growing... i also had some reddness & puffiness with some scaling between week 3-6 for which i used a low intensity steroid cream from over the counter... & eventually it worked! My results started showing weak 4-6! So be patient!For the negative reviews that say u get paid/bribed with another bottle to write a 5 star review, i say YES! But guess what? U won't be interested in another bottle unless u really liked the first one!!!I don't wear mascara any more, 'coz if i do, people won't stop staring at them! The picture here is without mascara as u can see!My only problem with this product is that i started growing lashes in the inner corner of my eye!!!!!! But it's not a big deal 'coz now I'm plucking them away!! Have u ever heard of anyone who plucks her eyelashes?! That's me ;)

It Works!

Definitely saw a difference. It's takes a few weeks but...