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Smart Thermostat with Mobile App

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  • Indoor air quality monitoring including humidity, total VOCs, and equivalent CO2
  • Outdoor air quality reporting including allergens, air quality index, and UV index. Compatability GLAS can control the following types of split or packaged units- Conventional, single-stage up to 2H/2C, Heat pump, up to 2H/2C/2 Aux Heat. GLAS is compatible with the following HVAC configurations- Gas Heat, Oil Heat, Electric Heat, Ground-, Air-, and Water-source heat pumps, Dual-fuel support for Heat Pump
  • Beautiful user interface and a translucent OLED touchscreen
  • Program your own schedule or allow GLAS to do it for you using the integrated occupancy sensor to create a comfortable space when you are at home
  • Mobile connectivity with free GLAS by JCI smart thermostat mobile app available for smartphones and tablets on both iOS and Android
  • Control multiple GLAS thermostats in different locations with one mobile app
  • Remote software updates mean the GLAS smart thermostat keeps getting better
  • Straightforward installation instructions and online compatibility checker
  • 7-day scheduling allows you to schedule multiple events per day


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

The Glas Thermostat looks great and works well. The mobile app by Johnson Controls is not available in Canada. Cannot remotely control the thermostat using mobile phone. All that is available on the mobile phone is the viewing of the history.

Dan Mulcare
Worth it

Received the product a day early. Read many reviews and was sceptical but loved how it looked so I purchased.If you own a tool kit and can differentiate colors of wires you can install this thermostat. I live in an apartment and had to use the adapter because I didn't have a "C" wire at my thermostat. If you read and follow instructions you will have no problems.The app works great. Most complain of slowness, but they don't mention it does TAKE TIME to connect to a remote thermostat over a easy to set up internet connection. Once connected it is quick and responsive.Total time for setup, mounting, and AC back running was about 20 minutes.

Exceeded expectations

Johnson Controls went out of their way to ensure a great experience right out of the box. The install process was so simple.Initial setup of the device is also very simple. Great to have the ability test heat/cool during setup.It looks stunning on the wall.

Software Needs Work, but it's so pretty

[Update Nov 19, 2018] Pretty much all my issues have been resolved. App is still slow, but everything works, haven't had any issues with the device yet. Looks like they've made it pretty stable now. I can easily recommend this now. Motion sensor is much more responsive also.[old review] Like everyone else knew buying this isn't still not 100% there from the software side, but damn is it pretty. I've had it lockup once, but support is really friendly and answered all my questions and said they are working to address these issues and polish some of the existing features.There is no way currently to have the display turn on when the motion detection senses it, but this "might" come in a software update (they've heard others request it). It was probably most disappointed by this as I got it for the design not for the power efficiency. Having the display with the slightest motion would be a huge plus when guests are over. Plus I doubt the little display uses anything near the AC unit.

Hayden S.
Just want I wanted

I was looking at Glas long before it released to the market. My wife has some health conditions, one of which is only having one lung. We have lately been trying to create a healthier air environment for her at home, therefore, the added air quality monitoring is amazing!Installation of this was a breeze. We went from an old pick your poison heat or cool thermostat where the RC and RH were jumped together to make it work. Thankfully the pull was a 5 wire with a common that was not used (the previous owner of the house actually did something resembling correct!). I took the jumper wire out since this unit controls both over the single wire. Cut power to the entire system so avoid shock to you or the product. Rip out old, put in new and power it all on!The power savings portion is already saying we are saving some money! The house feels like it is the correct temp now where-as the old thermostat felt like it was off. We live in a very old home where there is no return upstairs and the upstairs gets very hot very quickly if you keep the downstairs comfortable. I was able to program the night time temp to be 5-8 degrees cooler which has been amazing so far!Back to the air quality readings. I purchased a stand-alone air quality meter before this unit. I shipped it back within a week because it was complete junk! This, on the other hand, is a quality unit! We can see the ratings in our house and it also pulls the ratings for outside air from the internet so we know if my wife needs to have a day at home vs going out!Cortana is an addition. I'm a Microsoft person by default so I am biased on this front. I also own an Invoke which is in the living room. This thermostat can do 95% of what the invoke does that I have tried so far. Since Cortana is updated on the back end instead of on the device, it should be somewhat future proofed. I read that you are able to add Alexa to the device. I haven't tried yet but may in the future.The online interface is the biggest sore spot of this device. The app is slow... very slow. Hopefully, that is corrected in a future version. I didn't buy this device for remote functionality though so this is a side blip to me that isn't a big deal at all. I know some people live on this feature and it would be a very big deal though.The looks of this thing are gorgeous. We live in a Victorian aged home with lathe and plaster walls. The old thermostat stuck out like a sore thumb. This one looks a little too modern for the house but the clear screen allows you to look past that. I used the white back plate for now since the old thermostat had a huge hole behind it (go previous owner, go!). When I eventually move this thermostat to the center of the house in the living room area, I plan to not use the backplate which should allow a more natural feeling.In conclusion, I love this thing so far. I used bonus points from my card and a gift card on top of the price, that was already the best I could find, to buy this. The normal $320 price is definitely a bit high for this but not by much. I would wait for a sale if you plan on buying it.