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Smart Thermostat - Black

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  • Advanced control from anywhere using your Android or iOS device
  • Integrates seamlessly with your preferred smart home system
  • Energy Star certified, plus you can save up to 23% annually on heating and cooling costs. Compared to a hold of 72F
  • Add SmartSensor to manage hot or cold spots and deliver enhanced comfort to the rooms that matter most
  • Thoughtfully designed to illuminate when you're nearby. Check the temperature, humidity, and 5-day weather forecast

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Works like a champ! Best friends with Alexa, too.

I bought three of these for two houses, connected them to our smartphones, as well as Alexa. We did get one faulty unit. However, we had it replaced in 24 hours with 's "simultaneous return", which was fantastic. I found we didn't need the model with the extra temp sensor.You can talk to Alexa and say things like, "Alexa, what's the temperature upstairs?" or "Alexa, make the temperature 77 degrees downstairs." We still haven't stopped laughing every time we do and she replies that she's done so.Before you choose a unit, pull off your existing thermostat and see if you have a "C" wire (often blue). If not, you'll need to use the (included) power module. I recommend you use one of the spare wires and connect the C wire to your HVAC; it's better than using the power module. Also, use Ecobee's compatibility tool on their web site. Trust me; do that.Wish we had these 10 years ago when people borrowed our vacation home and left the AC on max in the summer when they left, or the heat on full blast in the winter. It has the capability of a passcode on the wall unit, but we haven't had to use that yet.Last thing, you really don't need any technical skill to install this yourself. They make the directions pretty easy to follow; they have online chat; help phone line; and there are tons of YouTube videos by people who bought and installed them.

William Lueg
I love my ecobee3 lite

I love my ecobee3 lite. It's very easy to use. I have set it and forgotten it and you can't ask more of that from a thermostat. That's the whole point. It works very well with Apple's homekit which allows for geofencing operations if required.I can't say enough good about the support I got trying to install it. The support team was very knowledgable when they helped me with my air handler that had no terminal blocks. I took pictures of the wiring at the old thermostat and the air handler and they quickly gave me instructions on how to hook it up. I can't remember having more competent support for any product that I've every asked about.

S. Gott
Easy install even without a "C" wire

I went with the Ecobee 3 Lite over the Ecobee 4 because I have no need for the additional room sensor and I have two Echo devices within close proximity of the thermostat. The E3L has everything else I need/want in a less bulky package for less money.Installed the unit a few days ago and it is has been great so far. Being able to monitor/change temp settings from anywhere is awesome plus it looks cooler than the old thermostat. I bought it from my local SE Michigan electrical utility which had it on sale plus it was eligible for a $50 rebate which was applied instantly since I bought it from their web store. I was able to apply for a second $50 rebate from my local natural gas utility as well for a final price of $44 after the $100 in rebates but before sales tax. Even if you purchase from , some states will have eligible rebates for switching to a Wi-Fi thermostat - check those rebates!Follow provided instructions and it will work perfectly.Plugged the Ecobee thermostat in, turned on the furnace power and it was good to go. You’ll need your Wi-Fi password and a few minutes to go through the different settings and registration process. Worked the very first try!Some of the settings I changed were suggested temps for HOME, AWAY, SLEEP; screen brightness (turned them down), added password so my kids don’t change the temps; etc.If you can use a smartphone, you can use this.

Corey Head
Great Product Experience

This is a great product experience overall. The instructions are crystal clear for so many possible installation scenarios. Granted, ours was pretty basic as we had all the wires necessary and no modifications were required to install, but we knew exactly how to proceed with confidence in the directions. Once it was up and running, the ease of setup was amazing. It integrated with HomeKit by merely opening the Home app on the iPhone and the scan code popped up on the thermostat screen. The on-screen setup was so easy and clear, anyone could do it. It's clear that Ecobee thought through the full customer experience on this product. How refreshing!

I didn’t know how bad I needed this

I don’t see energy savings, but I don’t care. This thing is awesome. The ability to adjust the temp by the room we are in, using our phones has us spoiled. We no doubt use the heater and AC more than we used to. It switches from heat to cool automatically, so we are always within a 5 degree range.Make sure to get the room sensors with it. They are important, and work well.Bonus: my electric company gave me a $75 rebate for buying this. Score!