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1800mAh Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Long Battery Life & Self-charging: This robot vacuum is equipped with 1800 mAh lithium iron phosphate batteries to make the robot vacuum cleaner have long battery life and up to 100Mins run time(Low suction running mode). The robotic vacuum cleaner will go back to the charging base automatically when run out of battery or finish vacuuming.
  • Smart App & Easy Control: You can easily create a home clean schedule, change the clean mode, and control the clean direction by using the OKP app. The auto vacuum cleaner robot is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to make the robot start and stop the clean by voice commands. Use robots to save you time and energy!
  • FreeMove Technology 2.0: Equipped with upgraded 6D built-in anti-collision infrared sensors technology, OKP robotic vacuum cleans your home in an efficient way. Leave you a clean house with lower power consumption than random path cleaning can achieve!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Workhorse of a vacuum

I use this mostly in the back of my unfinished basement where my cats litter boxes and food bowls are. It gets a real workout. Sometimes I use it in other rooms as well. It picks up litter, food crumbs, and cat hair pretty well. What it lacks in suction power it makes up for in shear tenacity. I usually run in for an hour per room.It's great to be able to turn it loose in a room and let it work while I do other things. It's short enough to get under furniture where my big vacuum can't reach. And the cats aren't afraid of it like they are the big vacuum. One of them finds it fascinating and follows it around sometimes. I can hear the TV or talk on the phone while its working too.Considering the price, I don't really have any complaints. There are a few things it might could be better at. It takes forever sometimes for it to find its base when it's done cleaning, so I usually just pick it up and place it on the base when it's done cleaning. If I use it in my home office it tends to get stuck under my chair. I've always kept it away from stairs, so I have no idea how suicidal it is.

Love it

I got my house back in July and have put off getting one of these for a while. The previous owner took out the grass in the back yard and it's all sand,my dogs bring that sand inside with them. This vacuum maybe small but it works wonders. I run it once or twice a week gets under the couch and onto my low rugs easily. Finds its way home to charge when done as well.

Great little vacuum

Speaking of a great little vacuum. They thought of everything from how to seal the package with a section in the tape to open it to including an extra filter for the can. The app is great too and it tells you the charge level, the distance covered and time for that specific cleaning section.It works great and is much quieter than other brand i have. Battery lasts quite a bit and it goes back to the docking station to recharge. I love it. I dont have pets do I dont know how it works with let hair etc.

Marilyn Miller
You don't need to use wifi

I love, love love my little Sally. I have dark Laminate flooring that show every speck of anything. Now I'm not sweeping and vacuuming all day. When I get up in the morning, I make my coffee, turn Sally loose in the house while I sit on the porch drinking coffee. Sometimes I have to turn her off and move her to a specific spot, but not a problem. I had a problem getting her moving at first, so I opened the battery compartment and changed out the batteries with Duracell. No more problems. Our bedrooms have Berber carpet and that is not a problem for her. Once again, I love her, and she has made life a little easier for me

Easy to use.

The vacuume is very handy!