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Fitness Tracker - Green

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  • Non-Bluetooth Pedometer Watch- If you are looking for a device that can show you the time/date, being waterproof, and give you an exact idea of how much exercise you get every day, but don't want it needed to be connected to a smartphone, Willful 308 pedometer watch is just the right one for you.
  • Accurate Fitness Tracker- Accurately track your all-day steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep quality. This tracker can help you stay active and stay healthy.
  • Easy to Set up and Use- As this watch doesn't need an app and a phone, you can enter your personal information (age, height, weight, gender) in the watch to get your accurate exercise data. The setting is very easy.
  • Gift for Parents and Kids- If you want your family members to become active and take some exercise, you can give this tracker as a gift to them, especially the elders and kids who don't use a smartphone. (The specific size of our band: width, 0.63 inches, the length can fit the wrist of 5.9-8.7 inches)
  • Long Battery Life- This watch has a built-in USB charging plug, you can remove the bands and charge it with any USB port. One full charge (2 hours) can support 7 days of working time. Tips: Please charge it in time before it runs out of battery, so you don't need to set it up each time.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great customer service!

I had issues with the item at first but company reached out and has made it right; issues incurred are resolved. Excellent customer service!!

Exactly as advertised

I just received my WillFul Fitness Tracker watch, and I am satisfied with my purchase. The price was amazing, and the shipping was super fast. Although I have not had it long enough to give an honest review about the battery life, I choose to give it 5 stars based on previous reviews I read prior to buying. This review may change if this watch/fitness tracker doesn't live up to my expectations. However, I can say that the band is super comfortable and fits great. The instructions were easy to understand, and I am looking forward to the benefits of having not just a watch but also the ability to track calories burned and steps taken. If you are looking for a simple step/calorie counter without needing a smartphone/app connection, then I would highly recommend this product.

Works great!

I received my fitness tracker and once I got it charged and activated it was pretty easy to set up. I did, however have to look up the cm and kg but eventually figured it out in order to put it in pounds and height. Took me a minute or two to figure the step pitch. That was a bit confusing. Now that I got it all set up I am excited to see the actual working of it. It is working great! Thank you for adding an extra year to my warranty once I submit this and the gift card.

Ruth E James
Easy to get up and running & innovative charging feature!

I bought this for my son in the hopes it might inspire him to be more active (or I could have insight into his activity level). Simple packaging with clear instructions as to charging & getting the watch up and running. The watch face pops out of the band to reveal a USB piece for charging. Super cool.It was easy to get the time and other features set and my son found it simple to navigate the display to check on the status of his steps...As a funny side note, I thought I might crush his count on the first day he wore it. He blew me out of the water! I'm going to go back and make sure I've allotted the appropriate stride length (ha ha!).Very pleased with this product thus far. Also, customer service reached out, I was able to get an extended warranty without additional cost and (although I haven't yet had to use customer service yet) they were tremendously friendly and proactive and appear to care about providing excellent support.

Very good activity tracker

Very easy to start using! Just charge it first, then press the home button once to cycle through the options and hold down the home button to select. Do the same things to change the time, the day, even your hight and weight! I love that it even records your sleep time!